Guru and i talk about Nutrition Tiers!!


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American Zofingen RACE REPORT!



Guru races with short notice with amazing results give a listen!


American Zofingen



GURU's Race Report



John and Christine Talk about their amazing race in Nevis





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Christine Lynch - The Holistic Guru

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Evil Racing Cult Promo

Below is the EVIL Racing CULT bike company promo video i put together, They are a great group of guys making some very high quality and affordable fully carbon TT, Road and Cross Bikes!  check out the video and check them out online at

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The Nutrition Resolution re write Episode





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ITS FEBRUARY! Lets be honest, you BLEW your new years resolution to eat healthier and lose 30 pounds and be a better person.  Well you can either crawl into a hole and try it again for the 5th time next year or you can pull yourself together and listen to our latest show explaining why you screwed up and how you can get back on track!



Guru first got the idea for this system from Coach Adam 

You can catch GURU live at Jack Rabbit Sports in NYC


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Evil Racing Cult Bikes (Gurus new Ride)


Strong Like Bull (Amazing training camp in Spain)


Christine Race 


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Bobbys races

North Face Edurance Challenge



Grindstone 100



Resolve Your Nutrition: Worksheet


Step 1.  What do you need to improve within your diet?  What goal would you like to achieve?  Be clear and define it.  This is your outcome goal. (Example: I need to cook more healthy food at home).




Step 2.  Why aren’t you doing this already?  What is getting in your way? Aim for three.  (Example: 1. I don’t know what to make - 2.  I don’t feel confident in my cooking - 3. I never have the ingredients I need when I feel like cooking).







Step 3.  Turn your obstacles into your process goals.  Break it down and resolve the smaller issues.  (Example: 1. Sign up for daily, weekly or monthly inspiration via newsletter or a new magazine subscription – 2.  Sign up for a cooking class or a cooking lesson with a friend or professional – 3.  Choose a day every week, like Sunday, to decide which new healthy recipe to make and add the ingredients to your grocery list BEFORE you go shopping).







Follow these simple steps and your nutrition resolution will just happen!  Like magic!


For more tips, contact: Christine Lynch, HHC


100 Run

After taking 3 months off and gaining 20 pounds, its time to start gearing up for the next adventure.  That adventure is going to be 


A 100 mile trail run.


The idea was to take this year off, relax after having slammed hard at Ultra distance triathlons for a couple years.  However after only a month off I was itching to do more.  What the hell do you do after an Ultra distance triathlon???  Well why not just an Ultra distance marathon?  There are two reasons for choosing to do a 100 miler (i really don't like the ultra distance marathon naming because it can be any distance from 27 to 100000 miles)  


The first reason being that my running has sucked lately, mostly because I have become lazy and bored by it.  The second being I feel like a ton a people I know have done 100 milers so why the hell not me.  In my head it feels like everyone around me has done one and that im the guy standing around going “O I’ve only done 140.6™ triathlons” and yes I actually say ™ out loud.  I know this is wrong, I know this is stupid, but that is what is going on in my head. 


Which 100 miler is it going to be, well this is a little bit more sticky of a subject for me.  I really want to do Leadville, its the most bad ass hard core rip your throat out and really in all honestly skull fuck you races out there.  The only problem is its in colorado and that would be bringing all my CREW out for support.  If I really, really really wanted to do that I have a feeling that they would haul out there and it would be bad ass.  However the Money and time commitment for that is just ridiculous and stupid, at least for right now (come on lotto).  


Instead I have my eyes on two local races with a third crazy idea.  The two races are the Old Dominion 100 that is in june and the Massanutten 100 in august I believe.  The problem is that the Massanutten race requires a 50 mile pre qualifying race done by dec 2011 for the 2012 100 and apparently it fills up super fast and from what I have read online the only way to get in is by blowing a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy (of course I’m exaggerating).  As of right now the old dominion 100 website is down but I believe it too requires a 50 mile pre qualifying race.  Now this delves into an entire sub set of neuroses that I have about hoops you have to jump through in order to give someone money to do something completely stupid  and subsequently people that want huge crowds when they do races, different conversation different day.  Leading us to option three which day by day sounds like more and more fun.


100 miles down/up the Appalachian trail.


Skip the fucking middle man, skip the fucking RD’s (whom I’m sure are great people and have nothing but peoples health and safety in mind) just pull it old school adventure style and get on one of the oldest trails in the country and FUCKING GO!


This is what I am working on right now, along with the Sports Nutrition with THE HolisticGuru show, trying to put up a couple more videos from spain for the BSB Show, and also trying to launch a third show that is more of a round table discussion ALA the old TriCoffee Shop show that was so amazing back in the day (3 years ago).


HolisticGurus End of the Year review with John Hirsch



Episode 6 - End of the Year reviews, WILL IT KILL YOU??


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John Hirsch Finishing top 10 Lake Placid 2011:



John Hirsch Websites

10 day training camp in spain 

Strong like Bull Training Camp


Christines Website









zen tri camp

january 13-16th

john coaching

christine cooking

brett coaching

and much much more



Cedar Point Race Report!

AS PROMISED a little late but hey it takes a while to get something this epic put together and molded in such a way to tell the story of an ultra distance triathlon!












Beach 2 Battleship



Episode 5 - Beach 2 Battleship, WILL IT KILL YOU??


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Christines A race is DONE and she DID AMAZING 8th overall female, 3rd in her age group!  we sit down with Christine and John, chat about it at the Archrival Production Studios.


On the Show

Christine -

John -

Bobby - @BigSexyBobby your on the website! 




The HolisticGuru goes over how to make the last two weeks before your race really work for you instead of against you!






Episode 4 - Taper Diets, WILL THEY KILL YOU??


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Christines A Race and Full distance race!

Beach 2 Battle Ship - October 29th!!!

also check out her website

Find her on Twitter = @HolisticGuru